Alongside our furniture rental solutions we offer professional storage services. When a emergency relocation occurs the residents will often have salvaged belongings that will need to be stored in a secure location whilst repairs on their home are undertaken. Our storage team work closely with the removal team to create a completely streamlined service to ensure your clients transition to their new temporary home runs smoothly with the knowledge their personal belongings are securely stored.

Outstanding service guaranteed

Our removals team will allocate a Storage Consultant to discuss any specific requirements and liaise with the removals team to ensure all salvaged goods are collected and put into storage when required. Once your clients house is ready for them to return our removals team will collect the belongings and transport them back to their home.

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Assigned Storage Consultant.
Streamlined service.
Secure storage.
Modern warehouses.
Quality assured.


We also offer storage solutions for any belongings your clients decides not to take with them to their new temporary house. read more about our storage services.

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